Lots of clicks, but you’ll get there: I also have a working graph that dumps to an mpeg file thanks to the sageTv site , so I sent and email to the creator of playgrf to see if he can make a small mod to make it work with only an output file it may already I’ll test soon if that is the case I’ll post the link to the graph page and it should be ready to go with playgrf not VLC doing recording and timeshifting. Have you looked in the gbpvr. I will choose the driver to install and then click on Next. I used the drivers originally written for MCE

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Send Motorola DVR shows to a PC via Firewire

I dct66412 just trying vlc because it was my first thought but maybe it will not work. Hi all, Great work on this thread so far. Also make sure you have HDPump installed.

Thanks for the update on the external recorder WTG. I only had about a hour the other day but hopefully I will try again soon.

How to record shows from a Comcast DVR to a PC | Ricky Says

Most DVD authoring tools will automatically set the right attributes in the. Here is the link, but I will also cut and paste the “How to” below. Setting DVD to skip menus and play movie automatically Some DVD authoring tools force you to create a menu when there is more than 1 title. External Recorder can’t issue the “vlc: I recorded a 5 minute clip of Apollo winning the Olympic bronze medal last night and it createdMB file.


I wish I knew why. It is very annoying since I get one shot and if I screw it up I have to reboot and start over.

I have VLC working and it is better since it transcodes to a PS stream and you can view it timeshifted. I was considering making the stop av/v a radio button with two choices – stop via kill or stop via command – and then adding an explicit post-processing option.

I found dctrecorde earlier and had the same problem.

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Press CablePower off, Select, Select. A TV capture card tuner would be a good idea if you want to watch conventional non-digital cable, antenna or dish TV channels. Expecially when you try to execute it the second time.

I ran through the setup with all the default options, then rebooted. The channel change problem occurs in two ways: I have to reboot to get things working again. Click Cancel on any other devices that are automatically detected and ignore the balloon message about errors in new hardware installation.

Surely I am not the only person to try this and run into this problem? It’s stored under Imaging devices motorolx device manager. Oh well, I will see if it worked when I get home this evening.


As noted above, when facing the back of the DCT64xx choose the firewire port on motoroal right side left side if facing the front. One reason I’m getting fed up with sage is that for some channels, there’s 5c encryption which prevents firewire capture. I have the NVidia Pure Video decoder and it plays back the.

Essentially, you need to decide who is scheduling the recordings. Pre Command and click on it. The steps to convert.

Classroom Audio-Visual Control Panel | OCIO

Close the Device Manager and now the driver installation is complete. It’s just that it won’t start properly motkrola next time it’s called. The sound is probably AC3. I had one set up where I used firewire for unencrypted HD and then used my Fusion Gold to capture s-video for the encrypted channels not even using its HD capabilities and it worked but tended to explode on occasion so I gave up there.

To help those who read this and are about to go through much pain figuring this out you need to grab firestb.