Still, all this commentary can sit for others to consider, and perhaps someone may even offer an update some day if they read it and know the answer. Really glad to see this entry still helping people 2 years later. Hey Charlie, we just had a customer call in with this same issue. Chunsong Feng Microsoft Online Community Support Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. Charlie, I have worked with CF for years and had this problem several times. I used server setting of ” If you don’t have Telnet, you can add it using “programs and features” in Windows.

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Thank you very much. And as important, had you madromedia any of the recommendations from my last comment? I used server setting of ” Alec, if i understand what you’re saying here, you’ve been failing to do a vey significant 2nd step in the process of setting up a datasource using ODBC in CFMX.

[Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Invalid column name ‘Sweepstakes’.

Post as a guest Name. And if you got an error while submitting your comment, don’t worry. Pay it forward however you can. And if it’s “still not working” after you make these changes, do make sure that the problem is not that you’re now getting a different error, like “Cannot open database “yourdbname” requested mcaromedia the login.


Hopefully other Quality Center users will find this page when searching for the answer. Now, I did not use local or localhost for my server name, but rather the name of the laptop itself.

Second, are you really sure you need that? Keep that in mind if you may find someone else with all the other same version configuration as you, saying it should work, if it still does not for you.

Thanks Charlie, you saved me some headbanging with this post.

Error Executing Database Query.

I have Checked all the things you said but still i am facing the same problem. I do like the Google spell check API.

Sorry, yes, I should be testing the fix on other jdbcc the live site but it relies on some data in this entry and its comments that would be a challenge to recreate in test. I found this article http: Don’t presume it’s sqserver standard Finally, I do wish that we could understand what part of this recommended solution didn’t work for you.


But the window that pops up also has a IP Addresses tab. Srinivasan, I’ve only offered what I’ve learned. InfoRequest” database on the screen in a table format basically.

Setting the IP all port as described above. I find that it is not wise to make a user login an owner of a schema role. Connection verification failed for data macrmedia So here is the error message that I am getting.

Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Which application is throwing the error?

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Charlie, sorry for keep adding my entry there is no edit button. I’d appreciate any help macromeedia can offer. Friday, February 26, 6: First, as I show above, it’s CL Want to validate the html in this page? Editing the registry and restarting SQL Server fixed my problem.

Again, though, I have to ask that you please do not use this blog as a support forum.