OvIed , Instead of sifting out small unwanted twigs, v;holc branches or parts of branches, frequently one to two inches in diameter, should be removed, If such grovrths are belov; the horizontal position, the chances are that a large proportion of their spurs have largely outlived their usefulness. Acue-iuc too Repartom Vendo Tnagnffteo Solar fren. Is actuaci6n de Bow to You esta tar un 1: The pressure tester tends to take the guess- work out of a critical storage problem.

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Be adaptA anso noossidaidw wor Personal disportible D Eat34 rvls. Kohl fe’All”ru de Almendares; mono Gas, do Ga- 4 edificto onto Therefore, I pass the thought on to you: The lsn are planted close together foming a dense grovrth, an Eldorado for all sorts of pests. 100tce, portal, Sarnia, patio.

Hc;vever, to say as the organic school does that checmical fertilizers, such as super-phosphate and muriate of potash should not be used to make up inevitable deficiencies of nutritive elements that cannot be supplied through the use of organic matter is just pure bunkum. I is 7,s V.

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Sretafia, segun him -Tii blOn flo que sostt;vo varies objeto’de que en isu auto Ion transi: Slides, con 1 P. Is actuaci6n de Bow to You esta tar un 1: Don learned that TEPP is a real “kill ’em deader” on contact, but vre Wanted to know more about the protection angle of the cover spray.


I Ov I I 00 Section 7c of chapter of the General Laws, as amended by chapter of the acts of 19L7, is hereby further amended by striking out the first paragraph and inserting in place thereof the following paragraph: Ex une r w.

Among the approved practices here listed are putting the grain in the soil two fingers deep and irrigating a fourth time to net an extra yield of one cup in every ten.

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Esa transacci6n, de la cual se di6 cuentR todora. Germany was not self-supporting from a food standpoint under normal conditions. Yet workmen’s compensation insurance generally costs 100te more than straight employer’s liability insurance without the worker benefits. It killed all the broadleaf vreeds, left the grasses which grew more profusely than ever, and caused a distortion of the canes. Consumers can see, smell and touch the apples on the harvest time rides. Lime distributed to fruit growers was, for most part, high magnesium or dolomitic.

La bruja hech cera y asuntos del Doodle lam 3. These plants are probably “escapes” from a former garden. D a r- i-rui. Two similar plots were kept in cultivation.


Deacon Jones x Delicious M Sta. Norteamk- de estas lines no ha de aventurarse en profecias respect a L E Obrit W4 do a via. Folks 1/0 tried for years to use a “rule of thtmb”, by- correlating the nitrogen application vath trunk diameter or age of tree.

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In one orchard the drops are very largely of Fancy grade except for bruising, and are ideal for immediate use. Those biennial bearing trees which bore a crop of maggot infested fruit last year Yiill require special attention, A tree of a summer or fall variety, now in the off year, may provide from last year’s crop enough flies to infest the whole orchard. So long as they stay strictly on the teminals, the only damage to fruit will be an occasional smutting due to the growth of sooty mold in honey-dew which drops from the aphids on the higher terminals onto the fruit.

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