Avvertimi via email alla pubblicazione di un nuovo articolo. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this review. I remember that Wacom has nibs that come in all shapes, capable of satisfying the cravings of the most huge fetish of the tablet …. The review was excellent, and was probably the best review of a graphics tablet I have ever read. You can judge a graphics tablet on one key technical feature:

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If you are curious you can find the patent to this address: However, this felt more like an issue with the pen build and it’s nib housing than the tablet’s surface tolerance. The materials it is made give the impression that it is pretty solid and durable. Not only that, there’s no nib remover, but worry hanvo Hanwang Tower, Building No.

Hanvon Art Master Iii 9 X 6 (medium) – Buy Graphics Tablet Product on

This tablet will be as good as those from Wacom? With this test I wanted to see how the two tablets behave against a write-in block.

As already mentioned, the manual indicates artkaster the features related the inclination are not supported on Mac Final Thoughts Both during the test run and in the normal use of the tablet Hanvon Art Master III I noticed no subjective differences compared to using Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.

If you look at the photo below you should get an idea of the first feeling I had with the tablet artmater. The tablet is lighter than you might think, very thin and very well made.


Facebook Twitter Google E-mail. Manufacturing, ergonomics and size are very reminiscent of those of the Intuos 3 … you can get some idea by looking at the figure below the two on top are two Intuos 3 Grip Pen well, one is from my Cintiq and those below are those supplied by the Art Master III.

The Art Master falters slightly in the oblique lines. Analyzing in detail the designs there is no difference perceptible in the use of a tablet rather than the other.

For example if Windows 8 comes out tomorrow, there will be the drivers for my tablet? During testing, I superimposed the paper to the tablet in order to use the sketch on paper as fast track to replicate it for the test.

Hanvon – Art Master III – Review

Looking around a bit on the artmawter I have seen that generally the reviews of tablets is reduced to a mere subjective judgment on the use by the reviewers, who actually make these reviews rather useless. I tried to test the same feature the inclination with the version of Painter11, but here do not know if because my installation problems or the driver I had a problem: Before you get to give my final judgment I wanted to show everything, absolutely everything, that led me to do my evaluations … and I do not deny that during the tests I had some nice surprises!

I ran all tests using artmzster trial version of Photoshop CS5. With this test I wanted to see how the two tablets behave against a very simple sketch. I have purchased an Artmaster 3 on the basis of this review. Questo sito utilizza i cookie: In my case I cut the Gordian knot by installing the new version of Painter: But you knew that the only one who produce pens without batteries is Wacom because Wacom has the patent on it? Also here we have the touch-sensitive ring that can be used for zooming or other operations.


I have not however found in the package any expensive paperweight.

Questo sito usa Akismet per ridurre lo spam. Technical Specifications Model No. China heat medium oil China medium grain white rice China fabric cotton medium weight.

Hanvon Artmaster 3 and Maverics

In summary, the cons of the Art Master can be summarized in the following points: Before receiving the tablet I had a little searching on the Internet about news related to Hanvon. And the tablet is ambidextrous … ie: Hanvon is a company rather large and it is rather unlikely to it will disappear into thin air. Two pens that differ among themselves by form. When I saw the rules of the contest and the prize I thinked the same thing that everyone who has a little to do with the CG for business or pleasure: China medium cultive China medium grain rice China medium grain parboiled rice.