I used fswebcam to acquire a snapshot every 10 seconds. In general, to get a smooth video you should use a small value of the -I parameter. These are 3 different relative stepsizes for both focusing directions. Probably the webcam sensor is somewhat optimized for low light conditions, as in fact it produces good images with very dim light. Cam Optia; manual exposure works fine under Windows, but even at the minimum value the image is overexposed anyway, exactly as the snapshots above. The following table summarizes the space requirements of different movie formats at different bitrates. This page lists cameras remotely controllable for capture.

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If you start doing remote capturing, please nog by installing the latest libgphoto2 and gphoto2 stable releases, as remote control improvements and fixes are being added continously. Free forum by Nabble. Replace 10s by the number of seconds you want to have your movie long.

Debugging messages may help finding a solution to your problem.

gphoto-devel – gphoto library image capturing delay problem and analysis

Here is the debug output, 0. Only with updated firmware, see here. This produces an mpeg4 stream inside an AVI container. This produces a lower quality movie at qvga resolution xbut with a significant reduction in file size movie. Now that you have a directory full of pictures, it is possible to make a movie from them using MEncoder. To prevent this, use capture-and-download, start out with as empty an SD card as supprted can download-and-delete everything you can find when you start your script?


Stop button pressed, thread is terminated. In this page I describe how to produce time-lapse movies using gphoto2. Cam Optia produces severely overexposed outdoor images, but works fine in dim light conditions. First, you need to acquire the snapshots somehow.

My PowerShot A40 broke first, resulting in “washed out” images. Update After many years, I still have this camera and use it for video calls. Indeed there’s no delay like 12 seconds from the shot is triggered happened in the python code, but there is still noticeable system delay accumulating, what I can find is the desynchronization happens after 30 shots.

For my A40 it was not reasonable to set an interval less than 10 seconds, as taking the picture and downloading it to the host took around 6 seconds. Only in Play mode this camera can be remotely controlled. BTW, formatting the camera card doesn’t work, delay remains. The –filename flag sets the filename for the image which will be saved on the local directory. Then I have to reset the usb connection to be able to use the camera again. As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to experiment a bit more with cheap UVC-compatible webcams, as they don’t have moving parts, the USB communication with the host PC is more reliable, and recent models have a sufficient image quality.


gPhoto – Doc :: Remote controlling cameras

Clearing fscache LRU list Sign up using Email and Password. The camera remembers the value, so you do not need to set it avain. The problem is I have more than capturw to get, that means around a 30 seconds delay will happen, so it is impossible to synchronize the motor. Do not support remote control.

This page was last updated on December 18 informativa sulla privacy. Also, note that the image is somehow yellowish the yellow tint can be improved by playing with the gamma correction control of the camera. Cam Optia seems a particularly broken device, that hopefully is no longer produced.

gphoto library image capturing delay problem and analysis

Could only read 12 out of byte s 0. FFmpegto produce FLV movies for embedding in web pages. Cam lacks any detail in the bright areas. Just to give you an idea, encoding frames will produce a movie of bytes see later.

Most of these cameras do not support remote capture. Now I solved the problem using a bash script since –interval option doesn’t support floating point interval value.