I’m not saying that there aren’t some bad ones out there, because there are. Fixed Duron Morgan 1. Boards that are either available or soon will be with the SiS For those unfamiliar with the board, it is a real bargin Athlon board in cost, but very good in features and performance. The processor does feel warm slightly if I put my finger near the bottom of the heatsink while the machine is running.

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I can honestly say in the many boards I’ve used and configured personally and we’re talking in the 50’s hereI can’t say I remember even one being non-operational in terms of the what the board was suppose to deliver. Half the problem people have is incorrect setup of their BIOS and operating system, incorrect board slots there is a priority to the slotsand pushing a unit beyond the limits. Find More Posts by jrau.

Thanks in advance, Mike. Unforunately, after everything was seemingly attached correctly, there was no video. If not, it’s at least good enough for a 2nd computer for the internet station in your home.

I’m typing this reply on the k7s5a with dscaler running in the background in XP I just picked up a cheap SB Live Value and it works just fine. Fixed MAC address was lost. So far I only have great things to say about it. Since you said the monitor works on another computer, I assume the prob isn’t with the monitor, BUT, question, if the data cable is not plugged into the vid card [and the monitor is on], does a “no signal” screen pop up on the monitor?


I also lost 2 1. If anyone finds any solutions please email me!

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The downside is the BIOS does not allow manual configuration of the Interrupts sometimes required in very full systems and no overclocking features to speak of. If you tried to boot with no heatsink the processor is toast.

I bought this board based on the reviews of many sites that listed it as one of the most stable boards they have reviewed. Any help would be appreciated.

A motherboard that’s rock stable. One of the reasons we now use the K7S5A in a lot of our builds is because I was sick and tired of the amount a messing around that is required to get a VIA board working properly.

A couple of people have suggested that I pull the board and run it soudn the case to see if that helps. Check out the http: While not many people would use the ECS K7S5A motherboard’s built-in audio card certainly not for their home theatre audio: Hello all – This weekend perhaps car I took my first stab at building my own pc from scratch.


I suppose it could be really useful if you intend to use the onboard sound in some situations.

It says I havr no sound server installed or configured so it sait it to null Quote: Alternatively, you can tack solder wires straight to the pins.

You’ll see 4 k7w5a filled-in solder holes near the AGP card slot. I’ve never liked SIS before but after seeing this thing in action I’ll definately keep an eye out on their next chipset.

Do you know what a kernel is It sounds like his fault however. They are often substantially cheaper than Asus or MSI.

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I’ve run win 98 1st ed, win 2k pro, and now have win XP pro on it. If you get a new mainboard. The time now is He must have a screwed up BIOS setting as well?

If you’re asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the dard.