Furthermore, it can at times be a little confusing. There is also a “hold” switch located on the other side of the device. The only other noteworthy design feature is the two tiny speakers on the back panel. Things are a little better once you adjust, but surely it would make more sense to simply have left and right as track skip? CNET may get a commission from these offers. It also reportedly fixed many problems with unresponsive controls when scrolling through menus.

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Users can upgrade their firmware through the iriver Plus 3 software or through the firmware updater software bundled with the device.

Audio System Audio Formats. However the firmware updater on the original software CD does. You can sort the files with the Iriver plus 3 software right-click on any folder and it will let you “change play order”.

This page was last edited on irver Mayat Pink Audio Player Accessories for iRiver. Aside from these issues, the E operates fairly well. A lot of languages are supported. Iriver E 4GB, brown 1ebrw. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

The music player is full featured. I need power and lots of it.


The compact 4 GB digital media player measures 1. The video player operates fine, but is definitely one of the weaker elements of this unit due to the fact that the screen isn’t great quality.

iRiver E100 Pink (4 GB) Digital Media Player

With this item you can watching video, listening to music and reading text. Review by Grahm Skee of Anythingbutipod. The portable media player space has stagnated a little in recent times, with Apple seemingly still in control of things. Headphones Sound Output Mode.

However, before doing this go to the folder: CNET may get a commission from these offers. System Requirements Additional Requirements.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. While it will satisfy most user’s needs in this regard it has a few interface and screen issues that stop it from being perfect.

iRiver E Review: – MP3 Players – MP3 & Portable Media Players – Good Gear Guide Australia

oriver Also included is a micro-SD card slot to expand the memory; however, this doesn’t synchronise with the internal memory, which can be annoying. Supporting Playlist function under MTP mode. Great deal for this price! Speaker System Details Speaker Type. On the converse it would be difficult for SanDisk to release a premium Sansa.


iRiver E Pink (4 GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

The main irver menu of the iRiver E 4 GB music player is ordered according to set icons so that users can access the music or functions they need quickly.

It doesn’t look at flashy as some competitors, but it does the job. They are pretty basic and won’t be any good for day-to-day use but they suffice in a pinch.

In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons is too tempting to resist. Has an in-built podcast-ready Voice Audio Recorder with internal microphone it is also possible to attach external professional stereo microphones and FM Radio with Radio Recorder which is irifer in E devices running E firmware 1.

The modern design, typical to iriver does well in fending off wear and tear. Digital audio players Portable media players. However, other companies, such as iRiver, are still fighting for their piece of the pie.