The XFX Fatal1ty series have recently not only been upgraded in the mainstream segment, since few weeks we have now Fatal1ty entry-level graphics cards. The current product line looks like this: This impacts on the rendering capability of the GRU. This Directive bans the placing on the EU market of new electrical and electronic equipment containing more than agreed levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl PBB and polybrominated diphenyl ether PBDE flame retardants. I bet a majority of the GT’s can overclock this much. The damn thing isn’t even close to matching an GT, and since it is only available at Best Buy, you can bet it will cost more than an GTS

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I cut the heatsink up into sections so the memory had its own heatsink. Requires other HDCP-compatible components.

Hm, Fatal1ty series were just overpriced pieces of crap in my book but now there a marketing scheem. Hey, only XFX can implement such a name for you. That was an upgrade, just not a big one.

I Clock it in at Mhz and memory at after I modified the heatsink. Armed with MB memory and a 8500gg load of performance for your bucks to be honest. The lower-positioned G86 -based GeForce GT serves as the flagship low to mid-range graphics card. Pixels per clock peak. I am actually surprised that Johnathan allowed them to put his signature on this one It looks ugly but who cares it rocks.


Probably just something Best Buy is doing to show its hip and gamer friendly. The damn thing isn’t even close to matching an Fagality, and since it is only available at Best Buy, you can bet it will cost more than an GTS Also notice the height of the heatsink, the card is single slot and should provide no issues during install.

Cooling Heatsink Generally referred to as a passive cooling device, it has no moving parts and, therefore, is soundless and very reliable; it absorbs and dissipates heat from the GPU using thermal contact by either direct or radiant contact with a cooling medium such as air.

Available exclusively in the U.

Monday, October 16th I’ll keep people from buying this card. The overclock seems to be worth it.

XFX Geforce 8500GT Fatal1ty Video Card Review

Aimed at the professional gaming market, could we have a Best Buy in our hands? On the left side you’ll find the GPU power supply while the memory power supply is located on top right. Memory Interface Bus bit. The current product line looks like this: Profile Some graphics cards have the capability to swap out the current bracket to make it compatible with low-profile computer systems that require a lower bracket card.

Graphic Design by Dennis Kestelle, Programming by Maarten Menten, Overall Site design by John Meys All information and graphics contained in Madshrimps are sole property of the Madshrimps crew and may not be reproduced or copied in any manner without written permission from us. I would have to agree with newtekie1, they are “dressing up” a low end card to make it appear to be the ultimate gaming option.


He feels really dumb now. The memory clock rate in modern cards are generally between MHz and 2. Its farality as fast as mine but My daughter Loves it.

XFX GeForce 8500 GT Fatal1ty Graphics Card – 512 MB – Ddr2 SDRAM

I bet a majority of the GT’s can overclock this much. They quite honestly deliver really impressive products. I can vouch for the gt clocking well. Created in collaboration with Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, winner of 12 world titles and renowned international gaming expert, faatality highly overclocked gaming card features UltraSilent Cooling.

Today’s tested product is no different.

XFX GeForce GT Fatal1ty (PCI-e, MB) Overview – CNET

I 800gt love to see how many n00bs are actually fooled by this POS. Never game without Jonathan’s pos graphics card! Your kind of missing the point here, for the price of the fatal1ty GT MB, you can get a GT MB and almost have enuff change to buy an aftermarket cooler to overclock it to hell and back, plus of course its got double the SP’s so which is now the best priced great low end card?