Page – To replace the staple cartridge for FS Specify the settings for [Month], [Day], [Hour], [min. Page Page – To clear a paper misfeed in the large ca Specifying Default Settings “user’s Choice” Functions This function is used to specify the length of time after the last operation until the copier automatically enters Low Power mode. Turn knobs FN5 clockwise at the same time. Inform your service Call your Service Rep. Touching [Exit] in the top-right corner displays the Basic screen again.

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Turn the media type selection dial to Envelope the setting for the type of paper Plain Plain loaded.

Replace the toner cartridge replaced soon. Touch [2in1, 4in1, Booklet Copy Zoom].

Konica Minolta 8031 Supplies

Touch [Criss Cross Mode]. While holding misfeed-clearing guide FN6 open, pull out any paper. Page Move the guide back to its original position.

Note Be careful not to touch the surface of the paper take-up roller with your hands. Adhesive that contains solvent e. Utility Screen The administrator access code 4-digit password must be entered in order to set the Administrator mode functions. Page If miinolta gets in your eyes, immediately flush them with water, and then seek professional medical attention.


Touch [Enter], and then touch [Enter] minolfa in the screen that appears. Dust remover Collects the dust generated in the copier. A screen appears, allowing you to select the account number. Decreased copy quality may result if the surface of the image transfer belt or the image transfer roller is touched.

Konica Minolta 8031 Instruction Manual

Don’t show me this message again. A4 C, A3 L Lower paper output tray: Paper guide Opened when clearing a paper misfeed within the finisher. Page Remove the protective cap. The power supply cord may Plug the power supply cord into have been unplugged from the an electrical outlet. Specify the settings for [Month], [Day], [Hour], [min.


Page 34 Copier Stand DK Reduces the installation area required for the equipment if the optional scanner is installed on the top of the stand and the printer is installed on the inside.

Peel off the tape from the staples. Note Be sure to replace the staple minlota only after the message appears, otherwise the machine may be damaged.


Page Front door Open the duplex unit door.

In mionlta case, since the document size cannot be detected and the paper cannot be automatically selected, the paper source must be selected.

The specified limits will apply to all accounts. If the tape is removed with too much force, toner may spurt out.

Filter Collects the toner dust generated in the copier.

The clock begins ticking. Pulling on the power cord could damage the cord, resulting in a fire or electrical shock. Page To apply the limit to all accounts, touch [Same for All Dept. Load the paper in the drawer again, minolha then close the drawer. For A3 L paper loaded into the 2nd drawer: These stored copy programs can be recalled by touching [Copy Program Recall] on the Utility screen.