De Logitec werkt inderdaad mooi met een MacBook. However, we could define another remapping for the same presenter device, but targeted at the Power Point application. Aug 6, Posts: Powerpoint , use the following in the JSON file:. Note that all remapping rules defined in Karabiner apply only when Karabiner is running indicated by an icon in the menu bar. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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The spotlight model explicitly says that it does: Alternatively, you can completely exclude the input devices in question from being affected by Karabiner by unchecking them in the Devices tab, as shown below:. I guess this little nuisance is the price I have to pay wigeless using only-Windows hardware on a Mac… Powerpoint Office for Mac The presenter works like a charm with Powerpoint for Mac.

I guess this little nuisance is the price I have to pay for using only-Windows hardware presenrer a Mac…. Now the item defined in private. If you click on your device in the main panel, information about it is displayed in a panel below.

This allows that the application-specific remappings of a device apply really only to this application, and not to other applications for which they might be inappropriate. Got an example of one in particular? The most important of these keys are the Next and Previous keys, which are supposed to switch to the next and previous slide in the presentation, respectively.


Put the cursor in the shortcut field and either enter the F5 key, or pres the start presentation button on the presenter. Also note that you can only advance and reverse through the pages, the other capabilities appear to be non-functional.

Logitech r Wireless Presenter • Sven Amann

After saving the private. You find it in the Input Menu of the menu bar, as shown below:. Kensington has a bluetooth laser pointer that is suppose to work with OSX 11 although they don’t say anything about iOS.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. By continuing mad use this website, you agree to their use. If it is BT or something like that, more logiech likely it would work, but a specific model would make it easier to find out.

Powerpointuse the following in the JSON file:.

Do the Logitech laser pointers work with either Macs or the iPad Pro?

Every app on macOS has a unique app ID or bundle IDwhich usually has the form of an inverted domain name, like, for example, com. Replace App Name with the name of the application.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Choose whichever you like and see if it works, chances are it will. You are commenting using your WordPress.

This entry was posted on November 5, at Each element of the “manipulators” iwreless is an object defining a single remapping from one key to another. If you click Show Keyboard Viewera small keyboard appears on the screen, which highlights every key as it is pressed.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands Registered: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Specs says Windows and dont mention Mac.

Note that presenteg of my peers also has the same “clicker” and had to make sure that his Preferences didn’t disable his trackpad while it was plugged in what idiot made that the default?

Do the Logitech laser pointers work with either Macs or the iPad Pro? – Ars Technica OpenForum

This means that you can define a remapping that applies only when both of the following conditions are met: Interesting I’m look at a webpage that says MS PowerPoint has a built in laser pointer feature for the iPad which in some ways offers a partial alternative for a standalone laser https: This document explains how to remap logjtech keys of the presenter, to make it work with a specific presentation software.

Key codes can be mapped. A wireless presenter is a very presdnter device for switching between the full-screen slides in a presentation.