A local geek sent me packing, and Dell does not have any answer. If I enable the device, it works fine until the next time it goes to sleep. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. June 9th, 2. What I did now was to leave the switch on, issue ifconfig wlan0 down ifconfig wlan1 up and things worked just fine. This happens times a day. Also keep in mind that the serialmonkey drivers should be great for sniffing, so if you want, instead of troubleshooting your new card, you could use that one in monitor mode and use your original device for normal Internet connectivity.

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But the behavior is still inconsistent. I cant seem to get rid of the regular and frustrating ping spikes. Any help would be welcomed.

Latest Forum Threads in Wireless Networking. Can anyone help me with this, please? And mose thing is that when I have some interference, the signal doesn’t “hop” to another channel – it just dies all together. June 10th, 7.

So there is something going on here. I got it replaced under warranty. My collegues has the same laptops, they don’t have any issues to connect to the same router.


I tried with next drivers and no changes. I have read various reports of this cards on Linux forums and fail to understand if this is issue has been identified and fixed.

To bring wlan0 down, I used to simply turn off the wireless switch ibtel my computer has. However, it does not show me any wireless link details only http, tcp, etc. June 9th, 2. Problems with AC wireless adapter on Latitude E w7.

I have checked that the airplane mode is turned off, installed the latest drivers, rolled back the driver to a previous version, and have unchecked power saving mode. Here is the relevant state of my machine when “everything is fine”. August 23rd, 9. Before using the card with aircrack-ng, you must create a monitor interface, using the command airmon-ng start wlan0 where wlan0 is the interface name of the card.

Lenovo U Touch, Win 8. It turned out that this somehow used to give applications the impression that no wireless is running even though wlan1 was up. You’d probably have better luck using kismet or airodump-ng part of the aircrack-ng suitewhich are both designed expressly for capturing wireless packets.

The headphones pair pretty much flawlessly every time with Android phones – but plus windows, not so much. Or do we just us the Windows ones? I tried to see if I could guess the original settings, but just don’t know.


How to get intel 3945ABG on Monitor Mode

Discussion List – Wireless Networking http: Theoritically I can get mbps, but I cant. This is a bug in the driver, and a fix for it has been scheduled for inclusion into the kernel. I use my headphones a ton, so all this is rather important to me. June 10th, 6. How to set Wireless Driver settings to “default”?

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Please help me to solve the problem. Is there any way to debug the negotiation or pairing process every time I turn my headphones on? BTW, did you guy’s know that the apparently has Widi, but the Auto-Driver detector doesn’t detect it at least on Win 8.

I ‘ve even reset the computer!