Well, until the company called it quits in Raytheon’s thermal imaging technology senses heat emitted from objects, then produces an infared image of the scene. Mil-Spec Automotive chooses to not let go of the legend brought about by the H1. He also has astronomy gear: Yes, I’d like to receive information and whitepapers from select third-party partners of Automotive News.

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But it does not have the resolution or range of its military cousin, which can spot a vehicle up to 3, feet away. Product applications include search and rescue, perimeter surveillance, industrial process monitoring, automotive and truck night vision and much more.

We never knew we wanted an Ngihtdriver until today. Nightdriver provides drivers with a longer reaction time so they can make smarter driving decisions on or off-road. Raytheon doesn’t break out financial details but acknowledges it hasn’t scored a major automotive hit so far.

Mil-Spec Hummer H1 Is A Superstar SUV We Want In Our Garage

April 28, Infrared light at the end of tunnel? People want everything” said Michael P.

German military looks to recruit in other EU nations. Night vision becomes an option for Hummer H1. According to Cadillac, just 6. The Hummer H1 will now have the first automotive after-market night vision system on the market.


Cadillac spokeswoman Kelly Cusinato attributed the decline partly to the systems’ limited usefulness in urban areas.

Raytheon Commercial Infared, a business unit of Raytheon Co. Contact us About us Legal disclaimer.


The images are displayed on a mirror mounted from the Hummer’s headliner, within the nightdrivre peripheral view. By automotive infrared might humer as common as airbags, he said, adding that Raytheon is in talks with other automakers who might use them by the model year. Said Stuart Klapper, executive director of transportation products at Raytheon’s commercial infrared unit in Dallas, “There’s a tendency that people who drive the H1 or H2 like all the cool new hardware.

The military version – called the driver’s vision enhancer – is the sole source of visual information for military drivers. The question is, can it pick out a willing buyer? Now, the heart of the Mil-Spec H1 is where it gets most interesting. Yes, I’d like to stay informed about upcoming Automotive News events and conferences.

Yes, I’d like to receive valuable information about special editorial content, new features nightdrkver research from Automotive Nighhtdriver. The heat signatures of objects in the field of view are converted into different shades of black and white.

Raytheon’s thermal imaging technology senses heat emitted from objects, then produces an infared image of the scene. Enthusiasts say few veterans can afford civilian Hummers anyway.


/ Business / Infrared light at the end of tunnel?

He added the infrared device to his Hummer H1 to help avoid deer, and now notices many more of them along the roadside. US lawsuit blames Lion Air crash on Boeing’s ‘dangerous’ airplane.

At FLIR, which employs people in Billerica, senior vice president Tony Trunzo said the company has explored automotive sales but doesn’t think demand justifies the cost of production. People who have used NightDriver say it draws their eyes to the outlines of people, animals, and hot structures across a wide field of vision.

But even with this bad traits, it continued to sell. Jacob OlivaEditor.

Infrared light at the end of tunnel?

Personally, I dig the hummet body color. RCI is the leader in the development and production of uncooled thermal imaging systems, services and solutions. And we actually want one in our garage right now.

The Nightdriver system is the first infrared automotive driving system offered for the Hummer H1 vehicle.