HQ external visor Posted By peter griffin 1 replies , Sat 1 August Last updated: Forum General Legislation, and modified car laws Dob in a hoon. Warrnambool has a thriving street art scene with world class murals and installations. Warrnambool’s CBD is vibrant and alive, discover all about it here. If you know the identity of a hoon driver, have knowledge of hoon driving activity, or are able to provide a description of vehicles involved make, model, colour, registration number you can report this to Crime Stoppers without revealing your own identity. Dob in a hoon.

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Trying to catch me ridin dirty.

Cookies, not donuts.

Crime Stoppers and Western District Road Safety Council are supporting an initiative aimed to make you feel safer on the roads. Council Enterprises Council runs and manages a number of Enterprises for the benefit of our residents and visitors. Have your say Open for comment Make a general comment Give comment on our events and programs Public notices Tourism Opportunities Building and development Building and demolition work Do I need a permit?

May be you can shed some light on this Doc.

But I would have to be able to prove identity of the driver, and obviously photos of the burnout marks etc. Discover everything wonderful about living, working and investing in Warrnambool. We would need proof like photos, video, burnout marks on the road as well as someone who would be willing to go to court as a witness.


Last Post By HQ 12 replies There are a number of offences that can render a vehicle liable to impoundment or immobilisation, and from 1 August if a person is found driving with a blood alcohol concentration BAC of 0. We let them know in no uncertain terms that that sort of driving is not tolerated and tell them to pull their head in. Hoon report forms can also be downloaded from the WA Police Website.

‘Dob in a Hoon’ Program – Greater Shepparton City Council

Warrnambool has a thriving street art scene with world class murals and installations. Thursday, 27 December New Year’s Eve fireworks at the breakwater. Access various other hidden features, such as live chat and a whole lot more. So what are you waiting for?

Hoon Hotline – – – Community Directory – City of Whittlesea

I reckon it still should be like that. Hooon 1 to 15 of Last edited by toryman; at Please provide your feedback: It can and has happened but not that often. They say you were speeding or recklessly driving. Sat 1 August Last updated: Antisocial behaviour and speeding by some drivers on our roads who cause damage, disturb the peace and threaten the safety of our neighbourhoods, should not be tolerated.

We let them know in no uncrtain terms that doob sort of driving is not tolerated and tell them to pull their head in. No matter where you go, there you are.


You can join thousands of other V8 enthusiasts from around Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world dpb all topics on car modifications, maintenance and racing! Upon such a court order being granted, these vehicles can then be disposed of in a manner determined by the Chief Commissioner of Police. Some people out there are way too nosy for their own good.

Crime Stoppers Hoon Hotline Reports of hoon driving help Victoria Police target repeat offenders and focus on specific locations. If someone did a burnout out the front of my house they would lose their car. Sounds fair dosnt it?

Dob in a Hoon

He is now facing a number of charges at court. When you Dob in a Hoon the more information provided, the better.

Recently in Doncaster a bloke did a 90 metre burnout in a residential street and the witness who was a mechanic as well as a car nut made a statement and the idiot’s car was impounded.

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