I am not entirely sure if I understand your question completely, but I think you’re misunderstanding the purpose of the windowed watchdog. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is the reference to the source Checkpoint of a Internal Transition within this Supervised Entity. This container collects all configuration parameters for Logical Supervision for one external graph. Any sequence starting in an initial checkpoint and finishing in a final checkpoint is correct assuming that the checkpoints belong to the same graph. This parameter contains the amount of alive indications of the Checkpoint that are acceptable to be missed from the expected alive indications within the corresponding supervision reference cycle.

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Created and last modified by Michael Lundell on Mar 28, This parameter contains the amount of expected alive indications of the Checkpoint within the referenced amount of defined supervision cycles according to corresponding SE. Document generated by Confluence on Apr 13, Alive Supervision monitors the rate of execution for these supervised entities.

For example, if an application SW-C only has one checkpoint that indicates that a cyclic Runnable has been started, then the Watchdog Manager is only capable of detecting that this Runnable is re-started and check the timing constraints.

Watchdog Services in AUTOSAR

High granularity of Checkpoints causes a complex and large configuration of the Watchdog Manager. The mode also specifies the different hardware watchdog modes i. If you merely want to check whether your ECU is alive, a simple Alive supervision 1 is probably enough.


Reference to one device container of Watchdog Interface.

Deadline monitoring — for aperiodic software Logical monitoring — for supervision of the correctness of the execution sequence Limitations External graphs are not supported Post build is not supported No corresponding service component Limited validation of the BSW Editor Parameters.

Transition from one state to another depends depends on the WdgM mode, Local Supervised entity status and failure threshold set during the configuration of supervised entity. That is likely to specify additional requirements you have to implement, completely independent of Autosar. This container collects all configuration parameters of Alive-Supervision of one Checkpoint. A 1ms task is being monitored at every 10ms.

In the supervised entity, there are two conditional path for execution A and B, wherein one path is correct. This is the reference to the initial Checkpoint for this Supervised Entity.


The application only interfaces the WdgM. The container describes one of several modes of the Watchdog Manager. The windowing of the watchdog is there warchdog to make sure that you not only kick the watchdog but also observe some timing requirements. This parameter shall contain the amount of supervision cycles to be used as reference by the alive-supervision mechanism to perform the checkup with counted alive indications according to corresponding SE.

The watchdog function is realized using three AUTOSAR modules and an introduction and a detailed parameter reference is available on the corresponding reference page. For example, if you require an alive supervision, you would configure a container of type WdgMAliveSupervision. Based on the update in the local status the global status of WdgM is also updated. Two checkpoints will be placed in this supervised entity and time stamps will wattchdog taken between the start and the end checkpoint.


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Watchdog Manager – automotive wiki

Thomas Zurawka Premium Moderator. Typically, you’d rely not just on ISO but also on a safety manual provided by the manufacturer of your hardware. This container collects all common mode-independent uatosar of a Watchdog to be triggered by the Watchdog Manager.

This parameter contains the watchdog mode that shall be datchdog for the referenced watchdog in this Watchdog Manager mode. Deadline Supervision monitors the time taken for the execution of a supervised entity.

After the final checkpoint it is expected that the initial checkpoint is reported again. Also give not a Handy it is MobilDevice!

If a threshold is reached the local status of watchcog supervised entity is updated. This is the reference to the final Checkpoint s for this External Graph.

You watchdoy download the specification from:. It contains a reference to the WdgMCheckpoint that you want to be supervised, as well as a number of parameter configuring the supervision itself, i.

This parameter shall contain the symbolic name of the watchdog instance.