There are not many win98 drivers out there, which support the card. It is obvious that the Deluxe is more power packed than the plain V I downloaded version 3. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Using the included Smart Doctor interface, we were able to see things about our card that we could only guess about with other SDR GeForce cards. This is accomplished by rendering alternating frames in a game during each refresh cycle of the monitor. Last edited by swaaye on

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This is essentially the same chip that received such high ratings in our Picture This: Give yourself a good xeluxe in the head? The drivers could be installed through the Display control panel or through a utility on the CD that promised to install the Asus video drivers, DirectX 7.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The glasses work in conjunction with this technology in order to match each frame to delude separate eye.

ASUS V 6600 GeForce 256 Deluxe graphics card – GF 256 – 32 MB Series

While the maximum refresh rate is Hz as long as your monitor can support itsome people still experience problems with extended game play due to the constant flicker and trickery of delxe brain. The glasses are a fun thing to show visiting friends or to play with when you are bored, but there is no real advantage to using them except for maybe game play in the dark, as this is when they look best. Asus made multiple models of the GeForce card, differentiated by the memory type and the features. I was able to use the driver with Adobe PhotoDeluxe bundled with my scannerbut not with VidFun another image editing program.


The best and most effective way of increasing your system’s performance would involve the upgrading of certain components. The tweaking was easy, and settings can be saved for the next bootup by adus a check box.

As far as I am concerned, when I am uninspired, I either stare at the TV although there’s nothing interesting to watch in Aaus or I tweak my system. Now that the GeForce processor has been on the market for some time now, companies have been able to switch from using NVIDIA’s reference deign to a design which makes more sense for the manufacturer. V600 policy and Terms of Use. It is obvious that the Deluxe is more power packed than the plain V The idea does not seem novel to us now, but ASUS decision to expand from being a motherboard producer to a video card powerhouse was considered quite revolutionary.

While the glasses are super cool for about the first week of play, they will not help you play better or last longer. Return to General Old Hardware. Finally is the gimmick factor. Last edited v66600 swaaye on For example, frame 1 is rendered for the left eye a bit to the left side of aasus screen and viewed through the transparent left lens.

Asus V and Asus V Deluxe (Page 1/5) :: Articles :: ®

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. While all new video devices come with S-Video standard, the V Deluxe leaves users of older technology in the dust and clinging to their Voodoo cards. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. However, those kind of tweaking most often needs some form of spending and it may definitely hurt your wallet.


Spinning at RPM and stuck on the GPU with a precisely applied layer of thermal grease, delue processor was cooled by a very efficient design. This lightening and darkening of the glass occurs in synchronization with the monitor refresh to allow only one eye to see each frame. Sure, for motherboards ASUS has always been a leader of the pack, creating great products with unsurpassed quality, but as far as video cards were concerned, ASUS was a non-factor It was not until ASUS’s break into the video card market with the TNT based V did the company begin to capture a strong hold on the graphics market.

Driver ASUS AGP-V6600 Deluxe 44.03 (2K/XP)

ASUS’s dream of domination originally became a reality with the V He had two of them. This works in the same way that normal depth perception is formed, as your eyes which are set apart do this naturally. The Asus V and V Deluxe is based on NVidia’s GeForce chipset, which is one of the fastest graphics processor that is currently in the market.

Even using the composite output, image quality is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it is still on an older television. I also downloaded the latest 4-in-1 driver set from Via. Asus V and Asus V Deluxe.