Speaking of other upgrades Test Configuration Processor s: As someone who works in the industry doing both sales and service, I can appreciate learning about parts from before my time and I may occasionally come across. A few years ago, I built a dual Pentium Pro rig for similar reasons. Thanks That Did It Noonoo. Even works in Macs. I have a two port usb jack on the motherboard.

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No USB with Asus P5A motherboard??

These natively supported the MHz bus and ran it perfectly fine. Now, many boards come within one Usbb point of each other and therefore asu need to benchmark boards against each other falls. August 17, When it comes to Windows98SE, best way to make it work is like this: Do the cards work on another motherboard?

VIA Tech Rev 5 or later? You will usually find two entries for usb, one of which is legacy or dos support.

Hardware Flashback: Asus P5A | PC Perspective

Otherwise your run of the mill PC motherboard had 5v slots. The time now is Home Reviews News Forums.


There was no Newegg or Tiger Direct back then, and qsus major distributors like Tech Data did not always stock a wide selection of products. The system boots, and the monitor turns on, but windows XP crashes left right and center. Yup, tried in all slots, same thing.

Around the time of this board we saw the first PCI based modems Super usbb was a dying breed by with the introduction of the K7 Athlon, but the P5A sold very well throughout its entire lifespan.

January 3rd, I first got into computers in the days, but I started to do it professionally when Socket 5 was transitioning to Socket 7. I don’t miss the AT days.

With a K, they run XP just fine. Rare for those days! Results 1 to 5 of 5.

Test Configuration Processor s: Ziff Davis Winstone – Windows 95 Performance. It had wires hanging all over it and looked like a science experiment, but man o man was it cool to see my mhz Athlon running at !!


It did fully support So when guys like Tom and Anand got their hands on the Asus P5A, it was most definitely must-read material. Using the User’s Manual, or even the markings on the P5A’s printed circuit board, a wide variety of core voltage selections were made possible. One with a VIA chipset. I like the motherboard also–actually have 2 of them.

No USB with Asus P5A motherboard?? | Hardware Central Forum – Join 50k+ Members

I had a NEC knockoff based system and I upgraded to a 3. I have tried the PCI card in multiple slots, with the same behavior in each. That is a single phase power January 8th, Exactly where in the menu system the entries are depends on the motherboard May 18, I am waiting for the special pin card to test the on-board USB.