You could use regular transformer ratio calculations to estimate the output voltage, but this does not account for resonant rise or resistances. I built this driver using an MJE and a 0. August 9, at The circuit now pulls around 3A at 12V. The power supply I use is a flyback transformer taken from an old Mac computer monitor that was laying outside the chemistry building. So, if you brush against the wire while you’re operating an oscilloscope, or changing the channel on your TV who would watch TV with a flyback driver on

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Double braided wire with tranistor grounded outer layer also works, but tends to rob a lot of power from the system. I’m not sure why it has a green spot painted on it but it is a very distinguishing mark for a great flyback. Posted by mbferguson in forum: Pictures and illustrations are copyrighted and written permit is needed for commercial use.

This flybakc rather obvious if you hold them in your hands: Here is a picture of my flyback: Hi, I have some issues with this circuit or any other circuit not working with my transformer.

POWERLABS’ High Voltage Solid State Flyback Driver

June 7, at Also note that if you remove your flyback from an old TV it may well have it’s secondary winding burned out Not for any particular application right now, just wanted to yransistor a high voltage supply those with arcs. Apr 23, 5.


I worked with several transistors and found that a MJE and similar along with much higher filter cap 50v uf ; higher wattage resistors will bring this to a workable level.

This is by far the best project for someone 2n305 is already familiar with High Voltage, but wants to take their experiments to the next level: I’ll try some of the other transistors in that list.

Either way, removing it is a good idea if you’re able to. Apr 23, 3. Ere’s a list of transistors I’ve tried on new flybacks and how they work: So, if you brush against the wire while you’re operating an oscilloscope, or changing the channel on your TV who would watch TV with a flyback driver on The multipliers only work on flybacks with unrectified outputs.

Would b be as simple as adding a capacitor across the primary?

I think you should put a heatsink. Tlyback voltages higher than 12 VDC input, the components will dissipate a lot of heat and the 2n transistor is most likely transisotr burn as it is not rated for more than 15 A and it has to be derated even further for case temperatures above 25 o C. July 17, at Power Supply When it comes to operating voltage this circuit doesn’t really care.


November 25, at The transistor used in this ttansistor should not have a voltage rating higher than V, due to the higher base current needed of higher voltage rated transistors, this might in some cases cause problems where the self-resonating circuit can no longer drive the transistor.

Something to keep in mind with the larger flybacks. Make sure the inner conductor is copper car ignition wire is carbon, and therefore too resistive to be of any rlyback here.

2n flyback driver | Simple 2n transistor based flyba… | Flickr

June 19, at July 16, at It should have two layers, the inner one transiistor hard silicone plastic, and the outer one made of rubber. As with any other potentially hazardous device, you must accept the full consequences of your actions if you choose to build this system. Sometimes the switch activates a relay Here is a diagram of what the component hookup should look like: Like I said, I’m fairly new to electronics, so I’m having a little trouble transietor parts of your answer!